Runners Clinic & Running Club: January 26th @ 12:30pm

Deciding to run your first race? Are you  seasoned veteran runner with a few chronic aches and pains? Or, are you looking for a few people in the Hancock Park area of Los Angeles to run with?

All of these scenarios require different needs that can be addressed in our upcoming Running Clinic. Join us January 26th @ 12:30 for our first Runner’s Clinic @ 562 North Larchmont Blvd. This is a free event being offered as part of our Wellness Weekend Anniversary Celebration. To RSVP please email us at .

In this Clinic you will learn:

  •  How to choose the correct first race
  • How to plan for the course
  • Discussion of different training methods
  • Finding the right kind of shoes
  • How to properly hydrate
  • How to prevent common injuries related to running
  • How to plan out realistic goals
  • If extra gadgets are necessary
  • Information about our free running club