Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

What is Blood Flow Restriction Therapy? BFR is  the brief and intermittent restriction of arterial and venous blood flow, performed by using a tourniquet to your arm or your leg. The result is it mimic high intensity interval training using little to no weight. This means you get the physiological benefits including metabolic changes, muscle mass retention, muscle hypertrophy, increased bone density, increased growth hormone production, increase cardiac output, decreased scar tissue formation, decreased fracture healing time, increased strength, and can even agent pain signals to the brain.

Who thought of this? BFR was developed by the military to get injured soldiers on back in service faster and with fewer side effects from injury or surgery. Its recently been adapted in sports medicine and is now growing in popularity in physical therapy clinics. We see its application in both physical therapy, sports medicine, and general strength and conditioning.

There are a few contraindications for BFR. To find out if BFR is a good supplement to your workout or therapy routine, schedule a consultation with Dr. Paula Gelbart Sauer to find out is BFR is right for you.